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Developer | The Commodore

Proudly Presents:


JBE (Canberra) Pte Ltd

JBE was set up in the year 2004 and has grown to be one of the leaders in the development of private properties in Singapore. 

With its wide experience in residential and mixed use developments, JBE has a good track record of success stories. some notable ones include, Skypark Residences, The Luxe, Oasis of the North, Signature at Yishun, etc.

JBE is fully committed in their quest to build sustainable high quality housing so as to enrich the lifestyle of all homeowners. In the process, it will make all efforts to preserve the rich history and/or heritage of each individual development as well as to explore and/or implement smart property innovations.

The above listed projects are some examples of the amazing track records completed by the The Commodore Developer. With their combined strong success stories locally and globally in different development, both joint venture partners are fully confident to complete the projects with high quality and residents can look forward to luxurious and well designed abodes. 

Proudly Developed by :

JBE (Canberra) Pte Ltd

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